Use Case Maker

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  • Creation and handling of Package, Subpackage, Actor and Use Case objects
  • Tree view objects organization
  • Glossary definition
  • Requirements definition
  • Assign detailed attributes to every type of objects
  • Information about use case state, priority, complexity, etc.
  • Flow of events handling of use case
  • Prose rapresentation of use case
  • History handling of modification of state and implementation phases
  • Dynamic selection of defined objects during text creation and editing
  • References keeping between objects and textual instance
  • Automatic replace of names of objects in textual instances
  • Automatic removing of objects in textual instances
  • Save project into XML format
  • Export project into HTML multipages document
  • Export project into PDF document
  • Export project into RTF document
  • Export objects into XMI 1.1 format
  • Multilanguage support via XML configuration file
  • Packages, Actors and Use Cases can be reordered and renumbered
  • Dependency between use cases can be inserted into "Flow of events" section
  • Flow of events behaviour and user interface has been redesigned to improve usability

Version 2.0 features

  • Model's elements are displayed into multiple concurrent child windows
  • Fast element window switching
  • Search and replace feature
  • Use case triggers
  • Stakeholders section
  • Improved requirements section
  • Author and owner company definition 
  • Simple localization file adding
  • Tab and model tree visualization persistence
  • Minor features behaviour has been corrected or improved